Cindy Crawford Shares Her Beauty Secret

Supermodel Cindy Crawford reveals in the latest issue of Allure Magazine what her favorite body parts are how she takes extra care of it. 

She says moisturizing her neckline and hands are important in looking young.  Cindy says, “When I put moisturizer on my face, I use a little extra so that I have enough to cover my hands. Most people don’t start caring about the décolleté (neckline) until it’s too late, but I’m religious about it.”

As for her age, the model says she doesn’t feel older unless she’s dwelling on the number. “I just embrace where I am today. I think I look pretty good for 43,” she tells the publication. “But I don’t look the way I did when I was 23. … I’ve had two kids, and I’m 43, so leave me alone.”

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